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I have a bug inside my computer screen.

No kidding.

He’s been running around between the layers for the last hour. He’s some tiny red little guy. We’ve had them in the house before, but never ever in the screen. First I thought he was on top of it but no, somehow this guy had to figure out how to get INSIDE.

I’m just hoping he finds his way out before he somehows fizzles my screen. I need to get my entry finished for AT3. *fingers, toes, legs all crossed*

In other news, not so weird, spent the afternoon outside planting flowers and seeding the new flower bed dad set up for me. We tiered a few rows coming down off the back, then realized I needed to take the red flax seeds out of the shell. Darn things are like little onions, trying to break through the layers. At least the seeds are a reasonable size so I can see them. Some like the petunias yesterday are so small you can’t be sure you actually got any lol

Plans for tonight are watching the Oilers play Anaheim at 7. Should be a great game!

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  1. Lis, bug behind the screen? That’s indeed strange! I hope you’ll manage to get it out. Best of luck on your ms! I’m sending good thoughts your way. And I’m sure your flowers will be gorgeous. You definitely have a green thumb.

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