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From chapter six, a little snip of Josh and Gabriel in IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES.

If Tomorrow Never Comes

Gabriel waited till the door shut behind them to turn to Josh. “You need to cool down.”

Josh wanted to punch a wall. Throw something. Hit something. Anything to get this anger out of his system. So much for that rest in peace line. There wasn’t any peace and he certainly didn’t want to be resting. He wanted to be alive, back to his life with the people he loved most.

He didn’t want to see Gabriel’s attempt at understanding, or listen to him trying to rationalize things. There wasn’t anything rational about keeping him there, holding him hostage while the woman he loved suffered without him.

And she was suffering.

He didn’t care if they didn’t see it. He did. He knew her. He knew everything about her. Every movement, every nuance, every little quirk. He knew she was dying inside. She was trying so hard to hold on, but every day part of her slipped away, longing to be with him.

Gabriel moved in front of him, clearly trying to get him to speak.

He felt that pull in his chest. Avery. He could hear her voice, low and mumbling, distorted just enough he couldn’t understand her words, but her pain ran through him stronger than his own.

“Josh…” Gabriel began, “I found a place for us to go…”

Josh waved him away. “I just need some time on my own right now.” He caught the worried expression on his friend’s face. “I’m fine, what trouble can I get into anyway?” he argued, not wanting to hear an answer.

“If you’re sure.” Gabriel hardly sounded convinced.

Josh started to walk away. “I am.”

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