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Remember how I said I was getting the itch to query agents again on TPH? Well turns out didn’t need to query, just needed to wait for some of them to read their email. Checked the inbox this morning on my business account and found a request for the first 75 pages. Yay! She’d like to see it in April so that gives me time to finish off STTA and polish the pages on TPH.
So excited about that. Funny how that bit of good news makes me feel better about the writing. I was sinking a bit into the ‘bad’ side of things, how crummy this is and how its not what I write so why bother…But we’ll see. I think this book (STTA) scares me though because it does have the potential to be good. Its sorta like Temptation though when someone made a comment,
suddenly I was scared of the story in my mind and its been a battle with that one and now STTA ever since.I went back and reread the comments the editor gave me during the pitch, how it captured exactly what they were looking for. I think what I’m MOST afraid of is that I
can capture that tone on 2 pages but its not going to be there on any of the 240 pages of the actual manuscript.Oh well if its not its not.But I’ll try :o)

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  1. Lis,
    congrats on getting the request and best of luck!

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