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NOT SO SNOW WHITE By Donna Kauffman

Can a down on her luck princess really have it all?

A whisper away from thirty, gorgeous Tess Hamilton has been the tennis world’s top title holder and celebrity since she won her first championship at fifteen. Now the headline-making party girl is getting her first taste of mortality — and bankruptcy — thanks to new teenage phenom Gabrielle Fontaine. But it’s Gaby’s cool, calm, and all-too-collected brother and manager, Max, who really has Tess seeing double. He’s the first man she can’t seem to seduce — or intimidate. It appears Tess is truly off her game, until a real-life, modern-day fairy godmother steps in….

Aurora Favreaux, a founder of Glass Slipper Inc. and old family friend, has a plan to get Tess back on her stilettos, and it includes an unlikely meeting between Tess, Max, and Gaby, at Glass Slipper’s new London headquarters — just in time for Wimbledon. It seems that Tess is going to hit the court in a whole new way, to prove to the world — and herself — that a woman with the heart of a champion can ace life and love — even after the big 3-0….

Sounds like a fun read to me. Especially with the setting of Wimbledon. A little unusual and all that. Definitely keep an eye out for this one!

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  1. Good to know :o) Sounds like such a fun premise. Putting it on my amazon wishlist this weekend (since I keep losing my book shopping list)

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