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There are currently three partials winging their way east. Two destined for NYC and one to PA. Fingers crossed they will be delivered. Had another new girl at the post office who informed me to go the cheapest and they’ll get there in 14 business days. Uhmmm no…try again…went through the next two ideas one for $10 and $20 apiece then finally she realized they could go small packet air for $7.50. So took that one seeing as if they go missing, I get my money back. :o)

Then went shopping. Grabbed some early Xmas presents for dad and finally after 12 years found a pair of winter boots. Love them :o) They’re Sorels, they’re white and very cute. I wore them for the last bit of the Isles – Rangers game. Have to watch the rest tomorrow since I taped it, my fave player scored the first goal and took a freakishly bad hit in overtime. Least the ranger player got a penalty for the dirty hit.

Other than that, got pretty much everything I wanted to done today. Partials printed off, proofed and mailed. Grabbed boots on sale and watched some of the hockey game.

Now I get to look forward to the 3 hour Raw Homecoming on Monday!! Woohoo

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  1. Best of luck to all your partials! And congrats on a bargain!

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