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I’m In

In either a case of pure insanity, hopeless optimism or a heavy overdose of liquid tylenol (yuck!) I signed up for another Sweating With Sven challenge AND NaNoWriMo.

*looks around nervously*

So that means a whole lot of new words between now and er, January? I can’t remember the end date on Sven. But I know I’ve kicked some NaNo butt the last 2 years and am actually looking forward to it. Only time of the year you can actually find working chats going on daily! :o)

So am I the only one who’s gone bonkers or is anyone else doing one or both of these?

My goal is a brand spanking new YA novel at the end of NaNo and maybe some progress on an old Urban Fantasy idea. I’ve got 100 pages of handwritten pages, even if I get those typed up I’ll call it major progress.


  1. Alison Kent

    Just wanted to stop by and say GOOD LUCK as you get started sweating with Sven!!

  2. Lauren Dane

    Congratulations on signing up for Sven! Good luck with all those words.

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