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Since I’m stuck in synopsis HELL — which honestly has never happened before. I sailed through my synops for STTA and HP and even Sabrina’s. But this one, hair pulling. Its like I have no clue how to write one. Its so bad, I’m even thinking of ignoring the request that wants one *looks around nervously* Seriously.

Anyways, since I’m signed up for NaNo & Sven (of which I’m starting on the wknd, this week is devoted to that which shall not be named) let’s talk writing.

Its amazing what listening to a CD can do. I bought 2 on the weekend, the Mindfreak soundtrack because I *heart* Criss Angel and his musical goodness and the new Kid Rock (of which I got the last copies. talk about happiness!!) Yesterday I sailed through 4 chapters of edits, with Sugar and Lowlife (Living The High Life) playing…er, okay blaring with me singing along off key. It would have been five, but I need a rewrite on one scene. I even managed to put in a scene I loved but scrapped earlier. It fits pretty well. :o) With any luck, I’ll get the rewrite done today and get past the next hunk of chapters standing between me and rewriting the two prettiest words in history THE END.

Do you listen to music when you write or do you prefer silence? Do you notice a jump in production when you switch music?

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