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In either a case of pure insanity, hopeless optimism or a heavy overdose of liquid tylenol (yuck!) I signed up for another Sweating With Sven challenge AND NaNoWriMo.

*looks around nervously*

So that means a whole lot of new words between now and er, January? I can’t remember the end date on Sven. But I know I’ve kicked some NaNo butt the last 2 years and am actually looking forward to it. Only time of the year you can actually find working chats going on daily! :o)

So am I the only one who’s gone bonkers or is anyone else doing one or both of these?

My goal is a brand spanking new YA novel at the end of NaNo and maybe some progress on an old Urban Fantasy idea. I’ve got 100 pages of handwritten pages, even if I get those typed up I’ll call it major progress.

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