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I’m thinking that’s the sound that happens when I hit send lol Sent another partial out this afternoon. Still need to do the synopsis so I can send another one out next week. Its sad its been so long since I wrote one, I’m going through my notes on how I write one lol I have to pick out my top 5 plot points and then fill in the gaps. Hoping it won’t take too long.

Printer is almost out of ink, so need to change cartridges this weekend so I can print out everything I typed out the last few days and do one last hard copy edit before I paste it in with the partial into my final draft file. I’m averaging somewhere between 6-9K a day retyping the last 4 days, with yesterday off because my brain said enough is enough lol

Looking forward to the new season of LAS VEGAS tonight. And want to catch Moonlight too.

No big plans for the weekend other then working and listening to the swiss hockey game tomorrow. Ok, so I can’t understand a word they say besides the players name, but hey by the end of the season I might be able to understand a few words lol

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  1. Ooh, don’t blog too much about Vegas!! The bloke and I love it but I think we are a season or two behind you (Casey has just left Sam the Montecito after he died). It is such a cool prog 🙂

    Good luck with the subs!

    Jess x

  2. LOL! I love your swiss submersion technique!

    Good luck with the subs!!

  3. I love VEGAS. It sounds like your watching last season if Casey died (giant squid attack?) I will say the premiere was pretty darn good.

    hehe, thanks April :o) Its hilarious listening to the swiss games. There’s two announcers who look like they alternate games. the one guy’s really low key until something happens then he starts shouting and it sounds like they say ‘whack da booty’ a lot. Makes me laugh every time! *g*

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