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Well the comp problems seem to be almost solved. From late Tuesday night when I decided this thing was a p.o.s and ready to toss it (and I was so afraid of it losing my files I kept it plugged in and on all night) to getting into chat with someone who actually KNEW what to do about the problems and if they didn’t then they went and looked it up, the glitches are gone. My audio is back. No more photogallery error/installation at start up and system restore looks like its creating (and even better KEEPING) restore points. Yay!! Though I do need to contact them today to clear up one new little problem with quickplay, its all back to working order.

Oh and get this, had someone in the first place on email support given me the same steps as the tech lady gave me yesterday? Wouldn’t have had to do a system recovery at all. To quote Dean Martin ‘ain’t that a kick in the head?’

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