Hi everyone, welcome to my blog post for the HOT AUTUMN NIGHTS BLOG HOP. For my stop on the blog I’m giving away one ebook copy of my paranormal romance IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES. “What’s your idea of a hot autumn night?” Well, looking out the window right now it’s hard to believe it’s still autumn with the gray skies, the snow and the chill in the air. But a perfect hot autumn night would be a lot less snow and cold, maybe some leaves still on the trees and a sky full of stars sitting outside near  a fire with a warm blanketRead More →

Please welcome author CR Moss to the blog today.     I’m here today talking about one of my ‘Sunset’ stories – ‘Sunset Heat.’ The four books in my ‘Sunset’ series are a part of the 1Night Stand line at Decadent Publishing.   What inspired this story? ‘Sunset Heat’ is the fourth book in my ‘Sunset’ series and is closely tied into the third story, ‘Sunset Temptations.’ Inspiration for my hot little series occurred a couple of years ago when I went to a convention on the strip and met the ladies of Decadent Publishing. While a group of us were sitting around and talking,Read More →

Please welcome author Romy Gemmell to the blog today with an interview and blurb of Midwinter Masquerade. Thanks for taking a break from NaNo to join us, Romy 🙂   Many thanks for inviting me to your lovely blog, Lisa! What inspired this story? I love autumn and winter and have lived in Scotland all my life. Although I write in different genres and types of writing, I still have a great fondness for the Regency period. Since I also like some intrigue with the romance and history, I was keen to set a story around the winter solstice in my own country. It alsoRead More →

Please welcome the Stiletto Girls to the blog today for a fun interview. What inspired this story? CDR – The Stiletto Girls looked forward to writing Stilettos in the South because we all three grew up in the South.  We each took a memory from our childhood and developed a story around the memory.  It was fun to relive times we thought we had forgotten. MR –  Yes, our fans kept asking us to write about them.  So it was just easy to do something from the South, since, as Deanne said, all three of us grew up there. GW –  It was wonderful toRead More →

Please welcome author Martha O’Sullivan back to the blog today to talk about her latest release, LAST CHANCE.   November marks the release of my third novel and the conclusion of my Chances trilogy,Last Chance. When I started writing Second Chance five years ago, a trilogy was the farthest thing from my mind. Moira and Paul’s story was originally part of that first novel. But as Lindsay and Brian’s adventure evolved, I realized there wasn’t room in the book to do Moira and Paul justice, not to mention the beauty of the Lake Tahoe winter. And since Delaney and Mike’s Chance Encounter was dancing relentlessly in my head, I put Moira and PaulRead More →

Please welcome author Vicki Batman to the blog, so happy to have her here with an interview today and a great excerpt of “The Great Fruitcake Bake-off”   What inspired this story? Who hates fruitcake? *a bazillion people raise their hands* LOL. Not me, I love it, and especially so when dunked in chocolate (tastes like candy). And thus was born “The Great Fruitcake Bake-off,” a holiday romantic comedy. Just the title has me in hysterics.  I’m hoping to make fruitcake haters into fruitcake lovers. Which character is most like you or unlike you? I have a split personality. The heroine, Samantha Greene, is nice andRead More →

Please welcome author MS Kaye to the blog today. Glad to have her here. Check out what words and phrases drive her nuts, and feel free to chime in in the comments with words that bug you too, then check out a great excerpt from her book, FIGHT PRINCESS. Evil Words and Phrases We all have certain things that drive us nuts. This is my list of annoyances (at least those to do with the craft of writing). Suddenly. Don’t tell me something was sudden. Show the guy next to me wetting his pants. Got. Don’t be lazy. Say what you mean. I could hear.Read More →

  Welcome to my blog post for the FALL INTO WINTER ROMANCE GIVEAWAY HOP. The grand prize is a $50 amazon.com gift card. For my blog stop I’m giving away three ebook copies of my debut paranormal romance IF TOMORROW NEVER COMES. First, let me say that the timing of the FALL INTO WINTER Blog Hop is apt, given we just got our first sprinkling of snow the other day, and according to the weatherman will have ten inches of the fluffy white stuff by the end of the weekend. So it will be a picturesque day or two that could likely resemble the picRead More →