Well despite the fact the new mail guy is horrible (and apparently didn’t show up with any mail yesterday), a surprise managed to make it through to me today. I have for review…wait for it… The first two Sweet Valley High books!!! Apparently they’re updating them and re-releasing them. These two come out April 8th. Call me geeky but I’m excited since I’ve never ever read the series. :o) So yay, more books for the review pile. What’s everyone currently reading? I’m reading Mark Henry’s HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED. Great Urban Fantasy, with a high gore factor. Its interesting to read. Next up is,Read More →

Change of pace on the blog today, let’s talk hockey. Or specifically almost playoff hockey. The Oilers are almost, almost in…at least they are at the moment. Hovering achingly close to the 8th and final playoff spot. I’d find it ironic if they were in and say, the AVS weren’t. :o) They’re playing Minnesota tonight in what should be a great game which is of course on PPV so I’ll have to listen to it online. Should be good though. I have to admit Penner has quickly become my favorite Oiler (well, with Raffi out anyway) with Stoll and Pisani a close second, not tooRead More →

I’m seriously thinking my creativity has either flat-lined, gone poof, taken a vacation or a mix of all three. Or more like paralysis caused from playing the waiting game. I’m nowhere near as patient as I used to be. Probably because I’m down to the last two fulls out right now, and before I sub that partial (bites lip to keep from making comment on the exorbitant prices at canadapost, that a partial is going to cost like $5 less than a full ms to NYC…) I might want to make a few little changes here and there… if the ones with the full pass.Read More →

Canada-post that is. Can you feel my sarcasm? Really??? Because you absolutely, super-dutley have to. So, when we left off, Friday I had to go pick up a parcel at the post office. Except I couldn’t get down to the post office (you know, that pesky don’t drive bit and all) so Saturday afternoon once Dad got off of work and had something to eat he swings me by… to see that instead of being open till six, oh no, today they’ve decided to close early. *blank eyed stare here* That brings us to Sunday when I go finally and pick it up. Ring bell,Read More →

Two days ago, things were melting. You could see the dirt in the garden, it even looked like some of last year’s pansies were beginning to make a comeback. Then came yesterday, when it snowed. Now everything is blanketed in white, everywhere you look is WHITE. I think this is mother’s nature joke since I bought another *mumblemumble* packs of seeds this week. Annoyance of the week: new mailguy who won’t bother to bring parcels (ala, a book in an envelope) to the super mailbox. Oh no, he gives you a pick-up slip to which you have to go to the shoppers drug mart postalRead More →

I’m in a bit of a writing funk. Not exactly stemming from last week’s 3 in 3 days fiasco, but that didn’t help either. Trying to figure out what to work on next. I’ve been dabbling all over the place. Started a couple different YAs, including a spin-off of CS but I don’t want to get too deep into that one and besides, main character X sorta stopped cooperating. Then there’s the second YA with the urban fantasy tone. I love the idea, I just can’t get it down right, so it obviously needs more baking time. The third YA idea, while its something IRead More →

For seeds! A lot of places are starting bring in their seed displays (of which I sometimes admit to drooling over lovingly lol) It all started in early February when I made my first seed purchase of the season. A pack of seeds for beautiful blue nemesia. If you haven’t grown nemesia before, they look similar to snapdragons but they tend to have larger heads and the ones I had last year had an amazing fragrance. So this year I went out looking and found the blue seeds. Monday, we went to Holes (local greenhouse) and I went perhaps a little seed crazy. 8 packages,Read More →

Someone tell me Rs (or as I like to call them now, passes) come in threes. Monday brought a pass on the full from one of my top three choices. She sent a nice letter, complimenting the story but mentioned a few points I can fix up to take the manuscript to the next level. I think its my favorite pass ever actually. Tuesday brought the pass on partial (1st three chapters) from the agent who’d had it since November. She liked the story, called Chey delightful… but… still a pass. And today brings a form R from a third agent who had the firstRead More →

From the Worlds Longest Game facebook group:We are still short of our 500,000.00 goal and in order to get the piece of equipment we want we need to reach that goal. If anybody can get the message across to work mates, friends or corporate would be a big help to have them log on to the web site and give. thanksHere is the youtube link of the game…http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=6SirJ9BWnUU by the way, the website is http://www.worldslongestgame.comRead More →

“The Crown of Zeus” by Christine Norris Read An Excerpt OnlineGenre: Young Adult ISBN: 1-59998-556-XLength: NovelPrice: 5.50Publication Date: February 19, 2008Cover art by Christine Clavel Which is worse: Having to start life over, or being eaten by a Minotaur? The Library of Athena, Book One Thirteen-year-old Megan Montgomery’s world is falling apart. Her father’s promotion means leaving her whole life in New York behind. She finds herself transplanted to a huge, lonely manor house in the English countryside, with no one for company but the distant staff. Her new school only adds to her misery—neither the girls nor the teachers seem to like her. ThenRead More →