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I’m seriously thinking my creativity has either flat-lined, gone poof, taken a vacation or a mix of all three. Or more like paralysis caused from playing the waiting game. I’m nowhere near as patient as I used to be. Probably because I’m down to the last two fulls out right now, and before I sub that partial (bites lip to keep from making comment on the exorbitant prices at canadapost, that a partial is going to cost like $5 less than a full ms to NYC…) I might want to make a few little changes here and there… if the ones with the full pass.

So the ones with the fulls right now are brand new agents and really don’t have a lot of sales or anything and I keep checking out the verla kay boards to see if anyone else has heard back who subbed around when I did. One’s had the full a month via snail and I think the other one’s had it a little over a month, via email… so I’m seriously trying not to hit refresh constantly on the business email… really… don’t believe me? :o)

All my other projects have sorta ground to a halt, including my trying to blurb the nocturne pitch. You see, I don’t think I write as sexy and as alpha as they want, but my horoscope this year said to take all opportunities that are thrown at me and this is an opportunity so… we’ll see.

And if all this wasn’t fun enough, I’m fighting an on again-off again cold that refuses to go away. It does for awhile then comes back.

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  1. Keep typing, Lis, keep typing! You CANNOT flatline now. One thing I learned from listening to Bob Mayer when he was working with JC is that you have to stay at least one book ahead in the publishing game–that means never stopping to wait for a publisher or agent to make up their mind. They just take too darned long!

    Maybe try writing something just for you to spark something? Or something you wouldn’t normally even think of writing?

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