The Joy of the Post

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Canada-post that is.

Can you feel my sarcasm? Really??? Because you absolutely, super-dutley have to.

So, when we left off, Friday I had to go pick up a parcel at the post office. Except I couldn’t get down to the post office (you know, that pesky don’t drive bit and all) so Saturday afternoon once Dad got off of work and had something to eat he swings me by… to see that instead of being open till six, oh no, today they’ve decided to close early. *blank eyed stare here*

That brings us to Sunday when I go finally and pick it up. Ring bell, new girl comes out of the back and goes to get my package which when I look at is was shipped FED-EX and suddenly became expresspost once it hit Edmonton. I have no clue… really…seriously… because had it stayed Fed-ex it would have arrived THURSDAY (notice the day before I got the notice) and saved two trips to the post office.

The same new mail guy again today (where oh where is our regular post woman?) Anyway, mom yells down he’s here (at 6pm mind you, 7 hours later than the normal time) and it looks like he’s jamming something in the slot. I go out and check the mail and surely, he’s shoved an envelope that isn’t meant to fit the small regular mail slot. After much wrestling I take it out to see its in a clear canada-post envelope apologizing for the damage to the envelope which must have happened in transit. Bah! Then when I check the customs form on the back it says 2 books and since they’re review books, much anticipated review books picture a happy happy smile… till I get inside and realize there is only ONE book. Brief email back and forth with co-author of said book to realize co-author #2 just sent one and it must be a typo.

But can this please, PLEASE be the end of my post office headaches for awhile yet?

Oh and if you don’t think fate has a sense of humor, another agent request. For a partial. SNAIL MAIL…

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  1. I swear the post office people get dippier every time. There’s one older woman who works at the postal outlet we ‘used’ to go to, who chews the envelopes you hand her. Like ew!

    Thanks for the congrats 🙂 Waiting to hear back before I send anything else off.

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