Its That Time of Year

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For seeds!

A lot of places are starting bring in their seed displays (of which I sometimes admit to drooling over lovingly lol) It all started in early February when I made my first seed purchase of the season. A pack of seeds for beautiful blue nemesia. If you haven’t grown nemesia before, they look similar to snapdragons but they tend to have larger heads and the ones I had last year had an amazing fragrance. So this year I went out looking and found the blue seeds.

Monday, we went to Holes (local greenhouse) and I went perhaps a little seed crazy. 8 packages, but who can resist petunias that have flowers 4-6 inches?? Polar White Zinnias? (They’ll look lovely with another all white flower and the blue nemesia, unless I go with the paintbox nemesia I had last year…decisions, decisions)

Here’s a sampling of some of the seeds I bought.

The first one pictured is Malope Strawberries and Cream Mix Seeds Large flowers which are good for cutting. This easy to grow, vigorous plant carries beautiful 7.5cm (3″) blooms in shades of crimson, rose and pink, together with white. It’s an excellent cut flower too! A colourful alternative to Lavatera. HA – Hardy annual. Height 75cm (2½’)

I thought they reminded me a lot of lavatera which I love.

This is the nemesia. Aren’t they pretty?

And for the first time, I’m going to try and grow sweet peas. I found a bunch that are for containers or only get knee high and are free standing, so I decided I must try! :o)

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  1. They are so beautiful! Alas, I can admire flowers only from afar – I couldn’t even cactus keep alive.

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