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Well despite the fact the new mail guy is horrible (and apparently didn’t show up with any mail yesterday), a surprise managed to make it through to me today.

I have for review…wait for it…

The first two Sweet Valley High books!!!

Apparently they’re updating them and re-releasing them. These two come out April 8th. Call me geeky but I’m excited since I’ve never ever read the series. :o) So yay, more books for the review pile.

What’s everyone currently reading? I’m reading Mark Henry’s HAPPY HOUR OF THE DAMNED. Great Urban Fantasy, with a high gore factor. Its interesting to read. Next up is, hmmm I’ll have to check the list again, but I think its Maggie Marr’s series set in Los Angeles. Should be fun!

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  1. Hi, Lis! the Jaz Parks really is fabulous, thanks for entering the contest, next week I’ll draw a winner so keep checking back. 🙂

    I’ve read Happy Hour of The Damned, it’s wicked funny and gross, it was great!

  2. Oh, I saw that book from Mark Henry the last time I dropped by Borders. I’m waiting for my Borders rewards this month to buy it. *wg*

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