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Two days ago, things were melting. You could see the dirt in the garden, it even looked like some of last year’s pansies were beginning to make a comeback. Then came yesterday, when it snowed. Now everything is blanketed in white, everywhere you look is WHITE.

I think this is mother’s nature joke since I bought another *mumblemumble* packs of seeds this week.

Annoyance of the week: new mailguy who won’t bother to bring parcels (ala, a book in an envelope) to the super mailbox. Oh no, he gives you a pick-up slip to which you have to go to the shoppers drug mart postal outlet, stand in line while the 2 girls/guys/whoever behind the counter have to tag-team every task (apparently they don’t realize wow, two tills equals we could both have one…) Thursday night I spent 32 minutes in line to pick up a book. And I got another pick up slip yesterday. That’s 3 in a week.

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  1. Lis, I can imagine your frustration. I’ve also got those slips, and it’s frustrating you have to drive somewhere and wait in the line when the guy could have just handed you the packet. As for Nocturn pitch (previous post), I think you definitely should try it!

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