Why Technology Sucks…

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You might remember my tirade of a few weeks ago with Telus’ little 7 hour installation. Well, we’ve now nearly tied that experience. Installing the router and TRYING, TRYING I tell you to put together a home network. Its friggin impossible. I’ve messed up my laptop so it now requires a password every time i turn it on and had to spend almost 45 minutes in chat with an hp service guy to try and figure out what to do. *sigh* And the network, still doesn’t exist… oh the joys…there’s a night out of my life I’ll never get back again!

The only good thing is the router finally works. Don’t know how, because it didn’t for the first 3 hours, but somehow between dad and i playing with the settings, something clicked.

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  1. You might just be right on that. After my day today, I’d fully believe it.

    Get this, by some weird miracle I got the network to set up for at least some of the afternoon. Then it froze up on me twice and hung up on the windows loading screen, so i went into safe mode and restored it to friday’s settings. So I lost the network but I figured no big deal I can set it up again, er yeah right. When it rebooted (w/o the need to ask for a password that never existed) it decided it had no wireless and can’t find the router (the same laptop that could connect to the dsl modem wirelessly without the modem for 2 whole weeks) grr. So I’m now trying to set things up again, and it won’t recognize anything. I swear, for $20 I’d throw that router and everything else off the bridge.

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