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BABY PROOF by Emily Giffin

This is the first book of Emily’s I’ve read and when I read an excerpt online, I thought it sounded pretty good and somehow with a little luck I ended up with an ARC, which didn’t disappoint.

BABY PROOF is about Claudia (and Ben). They meet on a blind date and things are great from the start. They both don’t want children, something that Claudia’s been firm on since she was a teenager (there’s a few mentions of her high school boyfriend asking her about her future at prom and she says no kids…) But when a few years go by and a friend of their’s who had the same plan, suddenly ends up with a baby of her own, well now Ben’s beginning to think adding a baby to their family might not be a bad idea either. Except Claudia’s dead set on never having a baby, which ultimately causes her to leave Ben (don’t worry I’m not spoiling anything, all this happens before the midway of the book! hehe)

I really enjoyed this one. Not your typical chick-lit (if that even exists anymore?) with real life characters. There’s a good bond between Claudia and her family who fill out some of the supporting cast, along with her best friend Jess.

I do believe its out today!

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  1. I loved SOMETHING BORROWED and SOMETHING BLUE. Emily’s a really fun reader. 🙂 Lucky you for getting the ARC!

  2. I’ll have to find something blue. It looks really good in the excerpts I’ve seen of it.

    Welks :o) Happy to link to you!

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