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Well its gray and rainy here today. Sorta fits the mood. I’m at a total standstill with the writing. Its a mix of things I guess. 8 months straight of this story and I’d like to just chuck it off the nearest bridge. Went to an agent chat with Deidre from the knight agency tonight, apparently chick-lit is fading, on the way out…how ever you want to say it, but no one really wants it. So I guess I now need to find a new label for what was once a paranormal chick-lit.

Other then the writing, nothing too much going 0n. Watched the Oilers game last night. Yay they played Jussi and not Conks, but they lost 5-0. :o( And half those penalties called were complete BS. The guy tries to decapitate Raffi, no call, Oiler does the same thing and he ends up in the box. And it seems like MacT shortened the bench somewhere between midway through the second to midway through the third. Why?? Can’t figure that one out. They don’t play till Saturday but since the games are back here, it should be interesting. Still have to go enter for tickets to Monday’s game. Be cool to go!

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  1. Call it paranormal comedy, Lis, and no one will know the wiser. ;o)

  2. Why don’t you just make it a paranormal romance – those seem to be selling now. But then again, if “they” like it enough, they’ll buy it anyway, chicklit or not.

  3. Thanks Dorothy! That’s the way I was leaning, paranormal commericial humorous women’s fic just sounds way too long!!

    That’s the same thing my cp said last night Eve, but its not really set up to be a romance. The guy she does end up with is only seen in glimpses for at least the first half of the book…to change it, I’d lose everything and have to start from scratch. Course, then I’d lose the problem with chapter 3… hmmm…

  4. Lis, hugs on writing still, and as for the paranormal chick lit, maybe you should just call it a paranormal indeed? I heard the paranormals are very hot right now.

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