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It’s cold.

And snowy. Last Friday’s storm brought a lot of the white stuff which has completely blanketed everything, which is festive this time of year, but it could have held off a little longer and not brought the Arctic chill with it. I’m hoping by this time next week its warmed up a little. -25C is not what I call a thrill a minute weather. When its a miserable 30 second walk to check the mail, its not a good thing.

Been keeping busy taking three workshops this month, which I’m really enjoying. One’s a little drier than I expected, so it takes a couple readings of every lecture to really get it to sink in and figure out what I’m supposed to be learning. The muse one is really interesting and fun, so its usually the first one I hit in the day with the emails. Might as well be happy and amused before I stare blankly at a pdf lecture :o)

Did most of my Christmas cards on the weekend. I think I have a couple left, mostly my great-aunts and uncles to write up, do the letter. Hopefully the other ones will be in the mail tomorrow or Thursday, since all my friends seem to be in the US :o) Get to stand in line for the special US stamps lol

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