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Just me or was that Ottawa-Buffalo game BORING? For a team (Buffalo) that could have ya know, kept themselves in this for the long haul by winning one they sure didn’t seem to come to play. Ottawa had the jump. Buffalo looked… well lost a lot of the time.

I’m not sure the goal by Alfredson would have gone in if he hadn’t pushed it into the net itself, looked within Miller’s reach. Feel sorry for the guy, he’s keeping them in the games and they’re just… impersonating the Oilers from game 7 of the finals last year.

Anyone think it’ll go longer than game 4?

Hoping the Anaheim-Detroit game tomorrow has more life to it. Could get ugly since Anaheim’s more physical and Detroit’s a smaller team. Though I’d love to see Big Bert nail Prongs against the board just once (or twice *g*)

And just so its not an all Hockey post (lol) I spent the afternoon outside seeding pots and planting petunias. And now have freckled arms πŸ™‚ The joys of a sunny spring day!

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  1. LOL! I ALWAYS have freckled arms. Sun or no sun. :o) Hope the plants do great!

    I don’t have a team I’m cheering for. I just haven’t had enough of a chance to find a favorite team. And since my latest story involves hockey, I’m just enjoying all the action period. :o)

  2. We just planted our garden this week. Don’t you just love spring? πŸ™‚

  3. Thanks April! I usually have a dusting but now am a living freckle lol

    A story with hockey, very cool πŸ™‚ Did you see the avon romance blog awhile ago where they were talking hockey romance up? I guess one of the new york papers had an article on the hockey romance genre too.

    There’s some really great hockey going on right now! I’m anxious to see if Pronger gets suspended for that hit last night.

    I think Spring’s my new favorite season — once you get passed the usual 3 more drops of snowfall before you can do much. πŸ™‚ Its nice to see all the little green plants everywhere!

  4. Last nights game was EXCELLENT for a WIngs fan. I am glad that Pronger got suspended for a game as what he did was horrible. He could have really hurt Holmstrom. I also think that the Wings have held up their own on the hitting and everything. We may be smaller but we are not indimated.

  5. It was nice to see Anaheim get their butts kicked. Pronger’s hit was definite intent to injure. In the reply you can totally see him get his elbow up to hit him. I think have gotten more than one game though.

    Game tomorrow night ought to be interesting! πŸ™‚

  6. Ugh. I couldn’t watch. I didn’t watch. I hid until the game was over then checked the score. Same with last night. Luckily the outcome was better. I might watch the next game…

  7. Its an early game on the wknd. I know what you mean, did that during some of the Montreal games I watched this year. πŸ™‚

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