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Alright, you know you’re watching way too much hockey when in your dream in your line at the grocery store and in front of you are the two hockey analysts from last night’s game. lol

I’ve been a bad blogger this week. Between my signing up for Michelle Rowen’s writing challenge (20 pages a day for 14 days); the hockey and sleeping on the floor… (not so fun. Really) I’m lucky I remember to brush my hair. The writing’s going okay, I’m up to 11K right now on the new YA idea, realized the songs I was playing last week on my playlist could actually make up some of the soundtrack to the story.

So I’m sleeping on the floor because I got one of those foam mattress topper things that’s supposed to help you sleep better and I’m hoping it takes away some of my back/shoulder issues. But it needs 72 hours to come back to life from being vacuum sealed and to lose its fresh foam smell. And since the only surface it can stretch out on is the bed… I’ve spent the last 2 nights camping out on my floor. NOT FUN. Really.

The game last night was a little disappointing. I thought the Wings could have taken it — especially since they were without their fearless leader Pronger (can you hear the sarcasm lol) and Cleary was playing pretty well (wanted to see him get the hat trick). I’m think the series could go 7 though right now, it may go the Ducks way.

I have to remember Ottawa plays at noon — or is it 1? — tomorrow. I hate afternoon playoff games. And this one’s after 2 days off. I guess from watching tsn yesterday only 4 of the guys skated. So they’ll either be fresh or…spending the first period trying to get their legs back.

This weekend marks the first long weekend of summer and its going to be raining all 3 days. Can you believe it? Shocking I know. Oh well. Hopefully it’ll help the plants pop up quicker.

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