12 days of Christmas: Gemma Juliana

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A Holiday Anthology  

Shooting Star Holiday Express by Gemma Juliana


Thanks, Lis, for inviting me to visit today. I’m thrilled to be one of the fifteen authors in the Exquisite Quills A Holiday Anthology Volume I along with some of your other guests. This anthology is *sweet* and suitable for all ages. Best of all, it’s FREE, so everyone can go to www.smashwords.com and download their copy.

My story is about a mom and daughter who take the train from Seattle to San Francisco at Christmas time, and enjoy a very fine surprise. The story was inspired by a train trip I made last summer. I fell in love with the magic of train travel and it seemed like a perfect place for a romance story.


Here is a small excerpt from Shooting Star Holiday Express:


This winter journey from Seattle to San Francisco had consumed almost every last dime. She’d questioned the prudence of buying train tickets after receiving a pink slip three weeks ago. Shaken by despair, each dead-end interview left her feeling like her feet were set it in cement.

She should have told Julie they couldn’t afford their Christmas trip to Aunt Ruth in San Francisco… No, she wouldn’t spoil her daughter’s excitement. The seven year old knew nothing of the perilous perch upon which their lives currently rested. Ever since Jack was killed by a drunken wrong-way-driver two years earlier, Julie’s emotional wellbeing was as fragile as a snowflake. Bella simply had to find a way to fulfill her promise.

“Welcome aboard our magical time-traveling train.” The navy-clad conductor smiled with a sparkle in his eyes as he checked their tickets. “You can leave your bags down here and go upstairs to seats 66 A and B.”

“Mama, he looks just like the conductor in that Christmas train movie.” Julie beamed as she slid her roll-on bag into the baggage compartment.



My other Christmas story is Christmas Spirits and is an adult novella with a few sizzling scenes. It takes place in Ireland at the magical Winterthorne Castle. This is a story of undying love that transcends time, and a ghost who hopes her husband will follow her to the Otherworld when she must leave him for the last time.


GEMMA JULIANA is a multi-published author who lives in an enchanted cottage in north Texas with her handsome hero, teen son and a comical dog. She loves making new friends and hearing from readers. Exotic coffee and chocolate fuel her creativity.

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