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So today was a complete and total day off. Which was nice for a change. Went out for the day. Had some lovely fries doused in vinegar and a coke *sigh, I love caffeine*

Managed to get to an author chat too this evening which I didn’t know about till I came home and won myself a book. :o) Always exciting in my world. Starting to think though I should have bought 2 bookshelves instead of 1 lol

In writing news, blurb is semi finalized for Sabrina’s story. Just need to revamp the last sentence a little and all will be okay — I think. I hope? Might test out a query this weekend, not sure yet. Still need to figure out how many US stamps I have left, thanks to the great partial mystery of September.

Other than that, nothing real exciting going on. Its cold. My pretty flowers are still on my desk.
Oh and I got back my first roll of pictures from the Dallas game. Can we say Extreme close up of Mike Modano? I think we can. He was skating by so fast…well I’ll scan and post it this week so you can see. Its like half his face I think. :oD

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  1. Sounds like a lovely day off – caffeine is good 🙂

    Congrats on the book win. Yeah, I’m going to have to buy shelves too. (sigh)

    All right on the writing!!!!

  2. I *heart* my caffeine. Haven’t had any in quite awhile. Don’t drink coffee and the last rootbeer I had was caffeine free, so the coke was great :o)

    I think my book collection is seriously beginning to dwarf my vhs collection which is scary to think about *g*

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