Game 2 Eastern Conference

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So much better to watch than last night’s Anaheim-Detroit snoozefest. The west is just… boring.

Emery looked sharper tonight but the tieing goal, could have/should have? been disallowed. The guy was clearly in the crease keeping Emery from moving when Briere scored. And what’s with them seeming to always score with 6 or 7 seconds left in a game? Weird.

First overtime was entertaining. The second, both teams looked…exhausted. Imagine if like in the Vancouver-Dallas game they had to play 4 or 5, I don’t think they could have handled it. Nice goal by Corvo to end the game. Still not sure why it bounced, it looked like it hit something?

Felt a teeny bit bad for Miller, what with all the arm waving at the end of the third. They couldn’t clear the zone long enough to pull their own goalie? Game 3 ought to be interesting. Esp. depending on which Buffalo team shows up. The guys who played in period 1 tonight, or the guys who played the first 19 minutes of period 3.

I’m still thinking Ottawa goes to the finals 🙂

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  1. I always love reading your commentary! I enjoy hockey, but sadly, do to my geographic location, I’m not often surrounded by people who share the interest. :o(

  2. Game 2 of the west WAY better than game 1 I think. I just don’t want Anaheim to win the series. Esp. after Perry decided to show what a jerk he is and threaten the entire Detroit team. Hopefully game 3 will be easier to watch :0)

    Thanks April :o) I worried I was boring everyone when I talked hockey. So I kept quiet during the season but I figured playoffs I’d try an entry or two. 🙂 Who are you cheering for? I’m thinking the cup’s going East again this year.

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