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Wednesday appears to be going better so far.

Woke up to a wonderful package of books I’d won over at cataromance in the hot seat thread in the mailbox. So I have eleven great books to tackle. Which is great because I just cleaned out my tbr pile on the weekend, though I do need to reorganize my bookshelf because I think the middle one could collapse any day now. :o) Scary thought.

News on the missing wip front, its still not on the hard drive, I may have to try Suzanne’s method of naming (thanks for the tip btw!) but I found some of it upstairs in one of the binders by the bed. So all is not lost. But the good opening with the Cary Grant mention is nowhere to be found. Have to see if I put it in another folder or something.

What else, I’m in a bit of a better mood. Took last night off about six and went upstairs to watch Canadian Idol. Oh there’s some horrible people auditioning this year (what was up with the cheerleader and her homemade song about Canadian Idol?) But Ben’s comments just make me laugh! (For those who aren’t in the know, I think he’d be the equivalent to your Ryan Seacrest but I think much better looking and funnier) Loved the part where the guy was singing like from the 40s and Ben goes “I don’t think he’s from here, let alone this time” lol There’s some good singers this year, lot more females though I think (or am I just not seeing as many guys?) Tonight I think wraps up the 10 city tour so should be interesting. Next week begins the elimination. I still remember Kalan forgetting his lines last year and sticking around to win it all :o)

Off to try and write Winning Bid…

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