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I knew it was coming…

Somehow I knew I’d be getting a rejection letter today. But I figured it would be from the agent I cold queried with a partial of HP. Instead it was from Paige *sigh* So my top agent pick isn’t interested and even better, it was a form Rejection. Though she did cross out dear author and write Lisa above it. Just wish she’d written a reason or something. But she did get back really fast since I mailed it like January 22nd or so. Oh well..

So I did what any other wannabe did, sent out another 3 equeries. One to a new agent at Paige’s agency who prompty emailed back and said she doesn’t handle Rom. Suspense but she’d fwd it to another agent at the same agency. Oh great, the other two have all ready rejected it. But she sent it to Lisa and I’ve changed the partial since she saw it last. But I highly doubt she’ll ask to see it again.

Highlight of the night should be RAW this evening from Japan. Interested to see how Randy is, since I’m pretty sure he got legitmately injured (Haven’t seen Shawn act that concerned in a long long time) Plus, Randy’s hot but he’s not that great an actor hehehe

Nuff from me, taco salad’s calling my name

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