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Following the emotional rollercoaster of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday why should I have ever expected Friday to be any different?

My favorite group’s contest results came up today and though I was a finalist and had to sign the release form and scan my drivers liscense and send it all in in pdf format, I’m not one of the winners *sigh* Got halfway excited scrolling the lists of winners and seeing Lisa…not me about three or four times. Considering how *lovely* the week has been, can’t wait for the weekend. What bad news follows next I wonder?

I should have known June’s are never good. Three years ago this June I had to put my beautiful 4 year old dog down and they sucked before then anyways. Can I just wake up, and let it be July? (though with concert tickets, since if the Boys do hit here I am going, with or without a certain best friend)

Off to question the power of positive thinking YET again. (since it never works for me)

PS: Excuse the whininess of this post, but there’s only so much crap a person can take. I now fully understand Tugger’s pain of the last 2 years, 4 months…

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  1. Hugs, Lis! I hope your June gets better quick and wipes out your bad June curse!

  2. Thanks Suzanne! Fingers crossed. Something about me and June just don’t seem to mesh well 🙂

  3. Major hugs. I also hoped you’d win!

  4. Thanks Olga.

    It was just another lovely addition to my week. Let’s hope the karma or whatever it is doesn’t continue on for the next 4 weeks! hehe

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