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Wanted to share a little about the hockey game Monday night. Can I just say I loved my seat? Absolutely loved it. Out of all the places I’ve sat in Rexall, this could be one of the best seats. Sec 112. Just to the left of the goalie, a total complete view of the ice… and in warm ups its like they’re charging right at you and aiming pucks right at your head lol It took a few minutes to get used to the loud bang every time a puck hit the glass or the boards.

And where I sat, I had no one in front of me which gave me a rather up close view of the players. I’d like to thank Trent Hunter for smushing numerous Oilers in front of me during the first period *g* DiP for taking long water breaks and turning to face my camera in the second and one of my fave ex-Oilers for the last two minutes of the 3rd period when he finally looked at me *g* and I managed some half decent photos (I hope.)

So some of the guys don’t look much different in person, some are a little smaller than I remembered (Okay, so last time I was at an Oiler game half these guys weren’t Oilers, but I digress…) finally got to see 2 of my fave Oilers up close (34 and 16 and not to mention the goalies, who I really wanted to see and those Islander guys…)

Garon was really impressive. Made a lot of great saves. And DiP’s save in the third was amazing!

The Zack fight… I think he could do with some boxing lessons, but that’s just me.

Enjoyed seeing Mikey again. Did not enjoy the idiots booing every 5 seconds.

But I totally enjoyed the game, had a lovely time despite the mile long trek from the car to will call on the icy sidewalk and the bridge. And I think I want to try and squeeze one more game in this season. Might even try to go to autograph day this weekend if I can make it, two or three oilers I wouldn’t mind standing in line for.

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  1. Not Afraid to Use It

    We get to go to the Sharks/Leafs game this Saturday and I am STOKED! It has been FOREVER since we got to see a Leafs game, and Hubbie is practically frothing at the mouth! LOL

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