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I had a great blog post worked out for yesterday all about confidence and really good stuff and then, I lost it. Gone into the abyss. Wah!! :o)

So I’ll play catch up on my week instead.

~ Monday
*the highlight was RAW and I was so totally right on who was the mysterious son

~ Tuesday
* the arrival of my RWA CDS. Woohoo. Much rejoicing, till I realized that added to my nicely already inflated visa bill due to my purchase last week… (see cute pic below…)

~ Wednesday
* listened to the Nora chat twice, just to hear her say F-Off lol
* entered pitch for YA into agent’s blog pitch

~ Thursday
* listened to YA workshop, decided to query agent in workshop
* request for first 5 pages
* emailed back within an hour saying nicely written, not for him

* hear back from agent blog pitch, not right for her list…rewrite entire query letter.
* find interesting individual on myspace, debate friending said person… still debating…
* get reading done
* listened to hockey game in Switzerland of which the only words I understand are ice, powerplay, GOAL, players names… sounds like a lot of ‘grab booty’ but as far as I can tell favorite player (again, see below) had lots of ice time and was on the power play

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