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The title of the post pretty well says it all. I may be trying to do way too much at the moment and it’s like I’m hitting a brick wall and can’t make a single decision. Manuscript A is with two readers at the moment and I’m anxious to see what they say, considering I’ve doubled it in size from the original version of the story 12 years ago. Which I still can’t believe it’s been that long since I first did that one.

I’m also trying to get things done business wise which is so headache inducing. I still need to send out editing samples and the formatting seems like it keeps messing up. I need to get a headstart on revising the next manuscript so I can hopefully have it done for October as well and its just…stress, stress, stress. With my insomnia sleep schedule and it’s a wonder I can function.

Add in trying to remember which workshops I wanted to take for the rest of the year so I can get signed up for them. I know there’s more than two next month, I thought it was at least four but I can’t remember the other two. Actually I swapped one out for a historical workshop when I realized one of the big ones I wanted to take I already had about 3 years ago when it had a different name.


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