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Today there’s a special guest on the blog, author Caridad Pineiro, author of SOUTH BEACH CHICAS CATCH THEIR MAN (Downtown Press 2007)!

I was lucky enough to have a chance to interview Caridad about her writing and SOUTH BEACH CHICAS.

Why did you want to be a writer?
I love to create and tell stories and writing is one way where I can do that. I enjoy the process of getting to know the characters, finding out what kind of story will best tell their story and then sitting down to write it.

How long have you been writing?
I wrote my first book in the fifth grade. I wrote essays and other things through school, but after high school, I sat down to research and write my first book. I continued working on that book through college and law school, but didn’t finish it. I found out that this book was set in an historical period that would be impossible to sell and so I turned my attentions to a contemporary book. A couple of years after the birth of my daughter, I decided to complete the book and try to get it published. It took me nearly six years to sell my first book after that.

What inspired the South Beach Chicas series?
I always wanted to write a book about female relationships and the changes that most women go through. The Chicas were born because I wanted to explore their relationships and do it in a locale that was sexy and fun.

What was your favorite scene to write?
My favorite scene to write was actually the scene between Virginia and Pablo, Sylvia’s mom and dad. It was important to me to show that fortysomething women can be successful and sexy and the romance scenes between these two let me do just that. I also loved writing the scenes between Sylvia and her mom, Virginia. It was important for me to show the friendship between them and how special it was because that relationship was a lot like my relationship with my mom and my relationship with my daughter.

Which character is most like you or most opposite of you?
Tori is most like me. Responsible and dependable, but with passion lurking underneath. Of course, Sylvia is the exact opposite, but the fun thing about being a writer is that you can explore all these different personalities in the stories that you create.

Describe your writing in three words.
Passionate. Thoughtful. Emotional.

What’s the most gratifying thing about writing for you?
The most gratifying thing is hearing from readers. I love knowing that they identified with a particular character or that the story helped them escape to a different world. It’s that kind of thing that makes the tough world of writing worthwhile.

Do you have plans for another South Beach Chicas book?
I am in the process of working on the proposal for the next Chicas book — Adriana’s story. I think that many women have experienced situations where they have a relationship with a man that is platonic, but possibly want more. Or maybe there has always been something simmering beneath the surface between the two and both are waiting for something to make it become more than just friendship. Adriana and Riley have taken the first steps in moving their relationship from friends to lovers, but will it work out? The next Chicas book will explore their relationship, the change from friends to lovers and the complexities of that kind of relationship.

What’s next for you?
Besides the next Chicas book, there will be three more novels in THE CALLING Vampire series in 2008/9. Also, I am working on proposals for some single title paranormals and romantic suspense novels.

Visit Caridad at http://www.caridad.com/

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  1. man, i LOVE vampires! can’t wait to read the new series. great interview, lisa!

  2. Great interview as usual, Caridad! And thank you, Lis, for hosting her! ;o)

  3. Caridad, you give wonderful interviews. Such a positive outlook. (your chats are good, too) Can’t wait for your next book.

  4. Wonderful interview 🙂 I can’t wait to read Caridad’s new book 🙂 Sounds very good.


  5. The next Chicas book will explore their relationship, the change from friends to lovers and the complexities of that kind of relationship.
    Oh man, my kind of reading; waiting patiently for this to come out.

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