Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

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Well at least weatherwise lol I’m beginning to think the tree could go up christmas morning.

This wasn’t the blog I was originally going to put up today. Hasn’t exactly been the best day. Lost two files for Sabrina (I think they are G-O-N-E. GONE. Which is so frustrating because its the chapter I was editing the last three days and had one of my favorite paras in it. Neither hard drive seems to have a trace of it and I remember typing it out… d’oh. And of course, it was the ONE time I didn’t email it to myself. Hello, I’m Lis and I am stupid! *g) Plus I had to rearrange the area by the door this afternoon so I could shut it and have some peace in the office aka basement since I was beginning to understand why Elvis shot out a tv :o) Esp. if I heard ‘so this is christmas’ one more time. I mean really. There are other holiday songs out there. Play something else!!

Nero seems to be working *knock on wood* I finally burned a dvd today! Yay, means more hard drive space, which I desperately need at the moment.

Can you believe its about 10 days till Xmas? Yikes yikes yikes. My shopping is barely done. The only things wrapped are the ones for my friends and I have things that still need to go to the post office (sorry!!), including cards! And I want the final draft/edit of Sab done by New Year’s. Is that a crazy crazy idea?? I don’t know. I thought it was doable and then the last few days struck and its… well teetering on unthinkable right now.

Hope your December is going WAY better than mine right about now :o)

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