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My NHL rant of the day. Thoughts while watching the GM here make some of the weirdest deals I’ve ever seen.

Mike Peca??????? Oh come on, there’s better players than that on the Islanders roster for under the $4 million mark… I’d have even accepted a deal for Jason Blake if you had to take someone who isn’t a D-man. But Peca? I thought years ago good ol’ GM boy decided we wanted size and that’s why we traded all the shorter guys…

So then he goes gets a 6’6″ defenceman… Chris Pronger??? Oh he’ll look great next to Bergie on defense…

*sighs* I’m losing any and all interest in this sport I swear it.

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  1. Lis, sorry, I’m absolutely ignorant about that sport, but hugs anyway!

  2. lol, I love how passionate you are!

  3. hehe Thanks Jill! NHL tends to get me riled up, esp. when the Edmonton team does something stupid which tends to happen quite a lot!

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