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The snow is FINALLY beginning to melt, but its bringing a lot of ice with it. To get to the mail box (we have one of those super mailboxes) I had to walk the snowdrift down the easement then onto the sidewalk or else risk falling down and getting hurt. Ice is no one’s friend (well, unless your a hockey player*g*) I’m hoping it melts quick. I’m already looking at the Stokes seed catalog online, trying to figure out my order. :o)

Got my pics back from the WLG on Saturday, taking pictures through a wire fence is a big no-no because your pictures will not turn out. So lost half a roll to that. And somehow between changing a roll of film there and taking the film in, I managed to misplace one. I know I took half a roll in daylight either last Wednesday or Thursday (even dad remembers, because he had to help me hold stuff to change the roll) and now, its not there. I even checked the negatives on the ones that came back b/c the girl at the photo centre said she didn’t run off the ones that looked all fence and they aren’t there. So fingers crossed I come across the roll soon, because there were some good shots on that film. Including some of our friend.

But I did get my last roll of pictures from the Isles/Oilers game and I’m very happy. All my pics of a certain ex-Oiler turned out very well :o) Not a ruined one of him there. So yay!! Happy dance lol

Because of the ice, Dad went and mailed out the last requested full on Friday. Can I just say $27 for 260 pages to the states is a little insane? But now all the requests are filled, 3 Fulls and 2 partials are now out plus one partial thats been out since November. Hoping for good news from at least one of them. I read one of the agent’s blogs who had requested the full. She’s new and said within 10 days she had 1100 queries, of those she requested 55 partials and out of those 6 Fulls. Scary odds! But made me smile that I was one of the lucky six! :o)

Will work on scanning some of the pics and post one or two on here. I especially like my ‘attitude’ pic in front of the ice.

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