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So I’m now doing THREE workshops this weekend. :o)

Yup. Dreaded Synopsis. Agents. And now Emotions. That should be interesting. Going through all my printed notes with a pen and paper trying to get it all together. I have a general idea, but teaching emotion is a hard thing to do – even harder than synopses.

So looks like my weekend’s pretty booked up now. Kinda looking fwd to it. Though I’m a little nervous since these are my first workshops. But one of my best friends read them over and said she was impressed so I should be okay.


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  1. Good luck Lis. I’ll try to swing by but I’m really fighting to get this request done so I can’t promise.

  2. Great workshops, Lis! I’m proud of you. And, um, may I ask, who’s that friend?

  3. Thanks ladies!

    If you want the notes later Nell, let me know I can email them over :o)

    The friend in the blog? That’d be my buddy Barb.

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