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Sorry for not posting a new blog sooner. My router decided to conk out on me last Friday then I had to disconnect it and take it back and of course when I tried to reinstall it, it decided not to set up a network. I don’t know how it finally managed to connect, but it did and I do a happy dance every day when it still works lol

The new idea’s going slowish. I’m at 9K, my heroine still has no name and the dark and sexy, not quite so dark and sexy anymore. Apparently my sarcasm just wants to keep cropping in there.

Spent the weekend pulling the flowers out of the pots (only after freezing my hands saving seeds) and apparently just in time, since we’ve had wet snow the last few days (but thankfully its not sticking around). Right now half my desk is covered in four o’clock seeds needing to dry out. I promise once I get the desk cleared off I’ll scan the photos off the pots from the summer and show off the pretty pots I had this year :o)

Other then that, not a lot new. Watched RAW this week. Loving DX as usual and my favorite hottie was in the audience, a nice surprise. Apparently he and his brother will be on Smackdown so I’ll have to watch. Hockey’s not as fun when you have to listen to it online, hard to tell who’s on the ice and who isn’t, so looking forward to Saturday when I can watch Montreal play. Thinking maybe I’ll treat myself one of these days and go to an Oilers game. I’d like to see Phoenix play or Vancouver. See what happens.

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  1. Snow… I want snow so bad. My hubby was given suite tickets to the RAW family reunion a few weeks ago. He loved it… RAW in person, all the food and beverages he wants…

    Hugs on the router. Sometimes we have to turn ours off and back on. So far that fixes it each time. Let’s hope it keeps doing so!

  2. Lis, hugs on router problems! I’m so glad you’re back online (well, I’m being selfish because when your router is working, I can exchange e-mails with you). Wow on the garden – I don’t have green thumb and/or passion, and I can’t even take care of home plants.

  3. Any snow yet April? I love going to see the WWE in person, though it hasn’t been here once this year. Last time I went was Backlash in 2004.

    Thanks Olga. I’m glad its working but I need to restore the laptop (it lost my game program) so I get to reset the network again. Not looking forward to that!

    Same here Suzanne. For my first paranormal, I had her name down as rachel in my idea notes. Then when I tried to write her as that, nothing. Changed it to Sabrina and the story took off at a scary pace! hehe

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