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Someone turn the heat on!!!

The weather here is absolutely unbelievable. It feels like October. Its freezing cold, its raining and I’m in fleece!!! This just isn’t right for August. Though it makes hockey seem closer than it did when it was warm and nearing 40 outside. *sigh*

Writing though however seems to be going well. I looked at my handwritten chunk of Ava and Vin and there’s a good 30-40 pages there (I love gel pens! they inspire my muse!) all paper clipped together waiting for me to type them up. And I’m about to hit 10K on the stuff written straight from mind to computer screen. Be interesting to see where I am when I get it all typed up. Hoping somewhere around the halfway mark.

Not sure what I’m doing after I finish Vin and Ava’s story. Do I try Mimi’s or leave it till I hear if they’re even interested in STTA? I’ve got a couple old manuscripts laying around begging to be rewritten (the plots are good, I just need to match my voice up and layer in a few things). Do I go back to agent searching? I know who my top 3 are hands down, two of them asked to see more work from me last summer but I still had partials of HP out so I didn’t send out anything more. Besides I hadn’t given Shattered or INO the full revision and write out the blasted synopsis treatment (Shattered’s is half written, haven’t tackled INO yet). Then I’ve got that hockey player story somewhere floating around my brain, which knowing my luck will kick in right when hockey season starts and I’m trying to listen to the Isles play through internet radio. I could try winning bid, I did the blurb when I was chatting with Nell in one of our weekly monday chats…

Or maybe I should just play it by ear :o)

Way too much work & too little time! hehe

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  1. Lis, I’d probably query some agents more, as you are very good at it, and the rewriting sounds good, too!

  2. Oh good, I can comment on your blog again!!!

  3. Glad you can comment again Suzanne! I had no idea people were having trouble. Went in and played with the settings, it may have gotten toggled somehow before. Hoping it stays working now!

    Thanks Olga. Its hard to figure out what’s calling to me to work on. See what hits me I guess!

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