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From the title, you can probably guess I’ve finally got a little color. The tops of my shoulders are now a delightful cherry red as it a bit of the back of my neck. That’ll teach me to go outside in a tank top. I showed it to dad and he can’t figure out how I got so red so fast. Apparently this is what happens to us pale, pale people. So I’m now slathered in my lovely lime mint shea butter hoping I won’t peel (tmi? hehe)

Other then that, went out for awhile yesterday. Got a new pot. See earlier in the week we went to home depot to pick up some more $3 impatiens to fill in the gaps where the mini pansies aren’t taking in the garden and since that morning dad had pulled some of my zinnia in the one flower bed swearing it was a weed, he decided to make it up and by me some ruffled double petunias (the same type I started from seed but didn’t make it more then a day outside) which is all well and good. Except I had 16 plants and only room enough for let’s say six. Hence the need for a new pot. Plus when we went by Canadian Tire (hardware store) yesterday they had all their annuals on sale for 25 cents per little 2 inch cube. So I cleaned them out of the 7 fushcias they had left (fills in some little spots in my window boxes I wanted fushcia for in the first place)
So now have everything planted, including all 11 petunia plants in one big pot with a nice big pink fushia in the middle 🙂

And even better, found two of the books I most wanted yesterday at wal-mart when i went in to get some coke. I now have WHAT NO ROSES? and ANGELS WITH ATTITUDE on my tbr pile! woohoo

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