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First off, if anyone can recommend a good program to rip DVDs, could you please leave me a comment or email? We got some home videos on DVD last night that I’d like to rip and put on a VCD for myself but I’m clueless about how to do it :o) So any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Second, WWE Smackdown’s coming here May 31st to be televised. I’m on the fence about going. The thought that Randy may be on Smackdown permanently by then is tempting me (a lot!!!) as well as it could be the last time to see Taker in person. Hmmm, very tempting. So I have the password to get the early tickets and there’s some right by the ramp for 2 in row 10 floor or 1 lonely seat all by its self in row 4. Problem 1) I still don’t know when dad’s going in for surgery on his shoulder. If its then or around it, I’ll have no way there and back (I always take Dad to wrestling) I could go by the bus there but I’d have no way back. Sucks.

So I don’t know, if Randy does make the switch I’ll probably try last minute tickets day of if I don’t get any before then…and I can go…but its tempting right now. Though it sucks I haven’t been closer than 15th row in about 8 years. Oh well, at least Shawn isn’t coming then I’d really be ticked *grin*

But if anyone does know a good program to rip and convert please let me know! Thanks :o)

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