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Like today.

I get up early, I log in to ticketmaster and wait for 10 am to roll around to get tickets. 10:02 it still won’t put the damn Calgary show on sale, then I hit refresh for the millionth time and wow, low and behold they’re on sale. And there isn’t 3 tickets to be found anywhere but the nosebleeds.

However at 10:10 am on EBAY there’s DAMN ROW 2 tickets selling for $400 dollars.

Now, where, when, HOW did rows 1-10 suddenly go on sale, because they sure as heck didn’t go last week.

So here I sit, 4 hours later ticketless and having the rest of the day from hell.
Apparently my oma moved in with the weird aunt on the weekend without telling a soul in Regina. She neglected to mention it last week when we called her. I swear as far as I’m concerned, I have no relatives.

Lisa’s new moral of the story, buy the crap seats at presale and sell them for ungodly prices on ebay then upgrade yourself to the good seats. Because no band no matter how hot can be worth all this.

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