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Since getting no sleep at all two nights ago (presale panic) and waking up to my arms feeling on fire last night, I pretty much slept walked through today. Scuffed up the lawn furniture with the hose earlier, so get to clean that tomorrow. Woohoo *rolls eyes* Highlight of the day though was going to Wal-Mart after dinner and finding the last copy of Suzanne’s The Beast Within. Yay!!! Started reading it on the way home and its a pretty good thing I didn’t drive or I’d still be sitting in the parking lot with it :o) [I can see it now, strange blonde parked all night in a white chevy cavalier in a Wal-Mart parking lot, film at 11]
Really enjoying it, about halfway through right now (had to take a break and grab some caffeine) and will probably finish it before falling asleep in exhaustion tonight. The prologue grabbed me right off – which few tend to do lately – and Kieran’s turning out to be a great – and unique – hero.
Off to check email and head to bed

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  1. Thank you for buying my book, Lis!!!!!!

  2. Lis, sorry I’ve disappeared for a while! Sorry about your exhaustion, too, and you’ve got to get some sleep!

  3. Sounds like a nap is in order. Maybe I’ll take a sympathy nap for you …

  4. No problem Suzanne! Glad I found it. 60 pages away from finishing, loving it! And wow, great tension between Kieran and Paige!!!!

    I figured you were probably pretty busy Olga! We’ll have to try and catch up sometime on IM or email. I’m still playing the waiting game with STTA, its 11 weeks this Tuesday if you can believe it. Doesn’t seem that long.

    How’d the sympathy nap go Jill? That’s the one thing I can never do is nap. My dad can, mom can but apparently that gene skipped me. I was the only one in kindergarten who didn’t nap, I sat at the table coloring away for fifteen minutes.

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