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Feels like I just blinked and it’s suddenly September. Seems like I missed most of the summer this year. Hoping if I feel better this week I can actually go out and enjoy some of the nice weather before it changes.

Sent out some of samples for one of the manuscripts this week. I need to check and see, I think I missed two editors on my list to send it to. Sent out some questions to references and tweaking a few things on the next set of letters. It’s interesting to see the different editing styles when the samples come back. With any luck hopefully I’ll have an editor for the one project by this time next week.

Also signed up for some workshops. I said months ago I’d be chained to my desk September and October and I really am. Five workshops this month, thankfully two that start later are only mini workshops and one and two weeks. October looks like a mirror of this month except four of them are full month workshops. But scheduling wise, I may have December off for the first time ever. (Or since the year my dad had shoulder surgery but this time it’s by choice! *g*)


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