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I spent the last three nights doing all nighters, finishing off last minute revisions on something before sending it off. Realized it was a lot more gappy then I thought it was when I officially called it done a little while ago. Amazing what distance on a project lets you see.

Debating on diving into the revising of one other project right away or taking a bit of time before I do. I neglected the workshops last week to put my full concentration on the project and I’m a bit behind in one. Just started reading the notes on plotting by theme and it looks a lot more intense than I anticipated. Before I can do the homework I need to pick a project to use for it, and trust me, I’m not lacking for choices on that one.

Other than that, been watching some things on youtube this week. May have had something click in my head for a possible future storyline and when I was blog surfing earlier, I clicked on a Hedley song that may fit for something or spur something new, haven’t quite decided yet, but it’s bookmarked for later.


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