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Thanks to an email from Olga *waves* I think I’m switching gears. Instead of querying Sab to agents, I might reverse things and start sending it to editors. See if that gets any better results. I had what I thought was a good thing happen a few weeks back, an agent said the idea had merit but wasn’t for her so she’d forward it on, but I haven’t heard anything back. So see what I end up doing next month.

And in a fun note, its only 2 days until the premiere of HOUSE OF CARTERS. Should be good. I’ve seen bits and pieces of the first episode online, so be nice to see the whole thing (and figure out who the two shih tzus belong to. I’m thinking Angel?)

If the weather holds out this week I won’t be posting much, have to help dad finish painting a few more windows

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  1. Lis, waving right back at you! and thanks! I’d probably query both editors and agents. While many editors don’t want simultaneous subs, agents seem to be okay with it. I already know one of the publishers where Sabrina might be a perfect fit (the one I told you about) and now I am researching for more. Best of luck!

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