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Barely any sleep last night, feeling yucky and woke up at 7 to watch the trade deadline shows. So far, BORING. The four or five guys I’m waiting to see if they move so far have barely been mentioned. Well, they did talk a little about Georges but that was about it. I’m hoping it picks up soon. :o)

Spent the wknd reading. Finished off Sarah Mayberry’s March Blaze, TAKE ON ME which was a good read. Off to eat something and see if the trades get any more interesting

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  1. There’s a lot of speculation that we’ll get him back this summer, but still…Ryan in anything but an Oilers jersey seems almost sacrilege.

    You could see how much it affected the players last night, but maybe we’ll step up and improve our game rather than rely on him.

  2. Which team(s) do you like Julie? Its a good blaze, first of hers I’ve read. I think its the start of a trilogy.

    I so agree. Its just wrong. Did you see his press conference at noon? Painful to watch. Feel so bad for the guy. And to the Islanders yet…

    Oh totally. Even the crowd was so subdued after the Messier tribute. Not sure who’s there to step up and fill in. Did you see on the news about the guy who had the TRADE LOWE jersey at the Messier game? They made him take it off, but some other signs were allowed to stay.

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