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Well I’m obviously not the most creative at titles. Eh… I do better with story titles than anything so forgive the lameness in the titles of blog posts of late :o)

Going around blog surfing on a break today I found this one:
I’m so adding it to the link section over there on the side, but its great. Lots of cute dogs.

What else is new, hmmm, I broke down Winning Bid. The version that’s making me go: huh plot, what plot? is now at 7000 words even. The version I found from 2003 with only two pages to it (minus the truth or dare opening since I used that idea already with STTA) is now at 3000 words. Yup. I’m basically writing the story twice. And there’s some issue with the h’s ex Charlie who seems to be popping up and causing me trouble in both versions. I’d really like to make him go away because he’s messing me up right now :o)

Looked at my Bombshell wanna-be Double Take last night. I know the opening but then I looked at my binder and I’ve got the idea for the prequel in there. Does this happen to anyone else? You get the idea sketched out then bam! Here’s the prequel. And it would work better as the prequel to DT because of things I can’t say without giving my story away lol. I don’t know.
I’ve got about 30,000ish words I think (estimating) on DT, and now I need to go play with the untitled prequel. Which is going to need lots of research on things and European cities. Including Stockholm I think and Milan for sure. Be a nice change of pace research wise that’s for sure!

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