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Sort of a fly by post right now. We’re in a thunderstorm watch, the satellite is on the fritz ( a sure sign something’s on its way) I’m just hoping it hits before raw at 7. I wanna see some DX tonight! *g*

Remember me complaining about having to move files from my 13 yr old mac over to the pc? I thought I whined about it on here anyways. so I googled it and found a great program with a free trial! MACDRIVE lets you read Mac files on a pc. Thank god! I had 60 some mb to move over (1.4 mb at a time thank you very much) but everything I think is now moved over, except for a few captures that need to be printed off. But what a great program. I was afraid I’d have to head over to island inkjet and get all those old mac printer cartridges refilled and lose my stash of paper. So I’m a happy gal. All my emails from my good buddies, friend’s stories they sent. Bunch of bsb and wwf stuff all saved. Happy dance time! hehe

What else is new, weather here was heatwave hot all weekend. Humid muggy where it felt like you couldn’t breathe so I barricaded myself in the basement yesterday and cleaned up a little in the ‘office’ area. Still have a couple more boxes to sort through (2 banker boxes filled with writing info) that I want to put in hanging folders and organize more. I hate to say it but I don’t think my stuff’s been this organized in quite a while. Eeks.

Spent some time out this morning weeding my back flower bed. Then spraying all my baskets with amonia/soap mixture. The spruce worms that were attacking my pine tree apparently one or two of them found my small basket with snaps in it. Yuck. Got rid of the green bugs quickly, but they did a good job destroying the leaves and a few buds. 🙁

Other then that, writing’s a little slow going at the moment, though I’ve made some progress in my head on what the block was. And I had a new character/new story introduce themselves at 3 am in the heat. I told them thanks for coming but the line-up’s a little long right now lol

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  1. You don’t have to tell me about heatwaves. I hate heat.

  2. Its horrible! Though you know that 🙂 I’m glad I put my high powered fan on the chair beside mine in the basement. Good cold breeze

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