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I already know I’m not the most organized person out there. My desk is littered in brightly colored post-it notes from my last marathon writing session in July. Unfortunately, those are staying put until I get through the revisions my editor sent me last week, as some of them apply to that book. The others go with the book trailer for the book, ISBN numbers, word counts and various other fun writerly stuff.

One day I will be more organized. 🙂

But not right now. Between juggling that, review requests, blog hop blog posts (I signed up for how many? eeks lol) sending out emails to the winners, working on getting my twitter going again, trying to figure out why the playlist won’t play off the one twitter feed and the biggest pain of all – dealing with my right sprained index finger. The same finger I sprained last month I managed to hurt again this week. Wouldn’t be bad if I wasn’t a rightie, and it wasn’t the mouse finger. Every time I go to click with the middle finger, the index one automatically moves with it. Yeah, fun. Not so much.

Typing? Not bad with four fingers. I can kind of adapt to that pretty easily. But I use the mouse way more than I ever imagined.

And I can add more fun to it. At some point last week or was it the week before? Anyway, the computer decided it hated every keyboard I had. My ergo. The original that came with it. The ones I borrowed from my dad. Didn’t like a single one. Wouldn’t type a letter or a number. Finally rebooted and got it working, all well and good. I’m using a small wired keyboard at the moment, but the computer likes to randomly switch it to Canadian French. Which, is very delightful because it switches things around. Question marks become E with a little thing over top. Question marks turn to something else. It’s a mess. And why I’m not touching the edits until I can trust it won’t go haywire 🙂

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